The “périscolaire” : how does it work ?

Jeu périscolaire

As the new school year begins, young and old alike have to adjust their schedules and juggle their calendars in order to find a new daily rhythm that works for the family. If you are a busy parent who needs before- or after-school care for your child, or have a child who wants extra time to play with their friends, the périscolaire program is there to help you!

The périscolaire program offers care before, during, and after the regular school day, including:
– Before the school day begins,
– During the midday break (lunch time),
– After school ends for the day.

All About Périscolaire

1. Before-School Care

Drop off your child as early as 7:50am each morning. Only children who are registered for before-school care will be allowed to enter the school at this time (no drop-ins). Between 7:50 and 8:30am, children can play in the courtyard of the school while they wait for the school day to begin. During the winter, children will be allowed to play inside in the chalet instead of in the courtyard.
At 8:15am, the door to the school is closed, and will remain closed until the regular start of the school day at 8:20am.
Please note: registration for before-school care is free, regardless of the number of days a week your child will attend. But all children attending before-school care must be pre-registered.

2. Midday Care

Périscolaire is available to watch your children over the midday break from 11:30am to 1:35pm. During this time, children will be fed on- or off-site (this is not the same as registering your child to eat at the Café des Enfants), and will have free time to play in the courtyard.

3. After-School Care

All children not registered with périscolaire for after-school care must be picked up at school at 4:00pm. The périscolaire is not responsible for those children NOT registered for after-school care who have not been picked up by their parents at 4:00pm.
If your child is registered for after-school care, you can pick up your child after 5:30pm, but no later than 6:00pm.

Please note that you may not pick up your child from after-school care before 5:30pm. If your child needs to leave before 5:30pm, please pick up your child from school at 4:00pm instead. Please alert the périscolaire team if you plan on picking your child up at 4:00pm instead of attending after-school care.

After-School Activities

The after-school périscolaire program offers a variety of different activities for your child. Children should pick an activity they are interested in and then let the périscolaire staff know. Please see the link below for a table of currently organized after-school activities. Children can change their after-school activity each quarter (the first quarter ends November 11, 2017).
Discuss the different after-school activity choices with your child, but please give your child the pleasure of choosing their own activities! Also, please be aware that enrollment in swimming, climbing and rugby is extremely limited.* However, since the children will rotate through different activities each quarter, the périscolaire staff will try to give as many children as possible the chance to participate in the limited enrollment activities during the year. Remember: If there was no room in an activity for your child this quarter, please be patient. The staff will do all they can to accommodate as many children on the wait list as possible.
*During the 2017-2018 school year, enrollment in the following activities is limited to:
Swimming (Monday) – 8 children per quarter / (Tuesday) – 9 children per quarter
Rugby (Tuesday) – 9 children per quarter
Climbing (Friday) – 5 children per quarter

< Download the complete list of available afterschool activities for the 1st part of the 2017-2018 school year (FR). >

< Donwload the complete list of available afterschool activities for the second part of the school year >

Children are only allowed to leave the after-school program once the périscolaire staff can verify that the child’s authorized parent or guardian has arrived to pick them up. However, on some days it can be difficult for the périscolaire staff posted at the exit of the school to confirm the presence of a parent/guardian for each child because of the number of children trying to leave the building at once. In order to protect the safety of all of the children, please remind your child that they should not leave the school until the périscolaire staff posted at the exit have seen their parent or guardian and say it’s OK for your child to leave. Thank you for your cooperation.


To find out more about how to register your child for périscolaire, please go to:
(This website is in French)

Some rules to know:

– You can register your child for up to two days of after-school care per week, free of charge.
– When you register your child for more than two days of after-school care per week, you will be charged for the extra days (even if you only occasionally need an extra afternoon of care).
– There is no extra charge if you need to change the days you need after-school care (and if, after changing days, you are still only using one or two days of after-school care per week, you still won’t be charged for care).

Any changes to your périscolaire schedule should be sent to Sonia Taazibt at least 48 hours in advance.

Problems? Running late? Case of force majeure? Send Sonia an email or text message using the contact information below:

Coordonnées à noter :
Sonia Taazibt, périscolaire staff de l’École Houille Blanche
Text :
Email :
(Sonia is available from 9:30am to 2:00pm and from 2:30 to 6:00pm)

Do you have more questions about the périscolaire program or the Houille Blanche School? ALPE is here to help.
Please contact us!