Our Association: ALPE

Welcome to the website of the ALPE parents’ association of the Houille Blanche International Primary School!
The school is trilingual, and so is our site.

The parents’ associations form an important link between parents and the various school administrations. Independent of the Inspection Académique and the Town Hall, we nevertheless have excellent relations with these two authorities and can efficiently work towards improving the school environment for both pupils and parents. There are two parents’ associations at Houille Blanche:

  •     ALPE, Association Locale des Parents d’Élèves,
  •     FCPE, Fédération des Conseils de Parents d’Élèves

Who are we ?

Our local, independent association is free from any political or trade union influence. With the support of more than a hundred families, we work towards improving our kids’ well-being at Houille Blanche. Our goal is to act as a relay between parents, the school and its different partners (the headmistress and staff, the Town Hall, the Inspection Académique, the local council, the school canteen…), to support the school by getting involved in different projects and to help parents feel that their contribution really matters. Given the unique international nature of this school, we offer support and information to new arrivals and help them settle into the French school system. Our aim is to be helpful, dynamic, productive and open to all.

Some facts and figures

  •     Creation of ALPE : 6th December 1991
  •    Number of representatives in 2013/2014 : 9 (out of 14) on the School Council, 2 (out of 3) on the International Sections Council.

Services we offer

  • Represent parents on the School Councils
  • Act as mediator if requested by parents during meetings with the headmistress or members of staff.
  • Defend pupils’ and parents’ rights in relation to the local authorities (Inspection Académique, Mairie etc…)
  • Keep parents up to date with school affairs.
  • Compile and publish the school phone book.
  • Organise the carpool.
  • Organise the « pédibus ».
  • Organise the annual start of term coffee morning.

ALPE members are also very involved in the organization of the annual school fête and various other cultural events throughout the year.

How you can help support ALPE

Join ALPE ! Download the membership form here [bulletin_adhesion]. Our members are our strength. Our clout with the local authorities is thanks to the support of so many families.
Come along to our meetings to share your ideas or your concerns.
Stand for election as a parents’representative at the school council elections.
Get involved! Join the fête committee. Meet local council delegates or the Inspection Académique to discuss school issues.

Get in touch!


If you are an ALPE member we will e-mail you the dates & information about ALPE meetings, the minutes of the meetings, and information about current ALPE affairs. Should you no longer want to receive this information, you can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” button on the e-mail you receive.

The web site

This website is constantly changing; it is dynamic and alive thanks to your contributions, comments and suggestions (which are always welcome!). Some information is missing, some things might not be quite right…. We are doing our best to sort things out. The translation of the site content into English and German is in the pipeline and we hope to have it all on line very soon. If you would like to help us improve and enhance the site, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. It’s your site!