Elections of parents representatives

How to vote:

You need to vote for “Le Conseil d’École” (The School Board) and “Le Conseil des Sections Internationales” (The International Sections).

The election is to choose which association (ALPE or FCPE) will represent the parents in the Houille Blanche in the relevant sections. Blue is for The School Board and pink/orange is for The International Section. All parents are invited to use their vote.

Put the coloured paper representing the association that you choose to vote for into the corresponding coloured envelope (blue for the School Board and pink/orange for the International Section). The coloured envelopes must not be written on.

Please note that this election is for both parents, where applicable. So there are two blue envelopes and two pink/orange envelopes. There is one white envelope for each parent. Each parent puts two of each colour envelope into their respective white envelope, voting for both the School Board and the International Section.

Each white envelope must have “Elections des représentants au Conseil d’Ecole” clearly written on the front and the relevant parent family name, first name, address and signature written clearly on the back.

You can either return it using the school mailbox, your child can give it back to their teacher or you are welcome to drop in on Friday afternoon and vote.

Our objectives

  • To defend the conditions and projects at school
  • To promote the cultural diversity of the 3 sections
  • To maintain the successful balance of the 3 sections within Houille Blanche
  • To communicate with the local authorities
  • To keep close relations with the school staff
  • To act as mediator between parents, staff and the authorities

Practical help

  • School phone book
  • Web site
  • Welcome for new arrivals
  • Meeting place for parents, over a coffee
  • Communicate on current projects and issues


  • Defend the children’s interests within the school organisation
  • Optimisation of extra-curricular school activities (CEL/PEL)
  • Follow up of school canteen issues

Safety at School

  • Help with Carpool organisation
  • Introduction of the “Pédibus”
  • Safety in the school street for pedestrians
  • Parking in the school street and surrounding area
  • Improve cycle access and parking

Activities and events

  • Organisation of School fêtes
  • Promotion of the school on the web site
  • Cultural exchange between parents and institutions

The parents you elect will sit on the School Council and the International School Council. We need your support to best represent your interests.

Remember: both parents can vote!