Back to school meeting !

Join us for the next meeting on Thursday September 15th at 8:15pm in the “chalet” (at the back of the courtyard).
We’ll talk about the previous and future actions, how the school works, and about how you can participate (depending in your interest, your availability…).

We are taking action so that the parents point of view is taken into account for the interest of the families and the children.

Come and join us for many fruitful exchanges !

End of the year picnic

The school year is over (already!?).
The “fête de l’école” was a success thanks to all the parents who volunteered !
Let’s celebrate and have a picnic on Monday July 4th from 6:30/7:00pm at the “parc de la Savane” near the school for a family picnic.
Each family brings their food and drinks (wine, beer… and fruit juice !)

Come and join us to share all the good plans and the tricks for next year !
See you there !