Next meeting on Tuesday January 26th

There will be a meeting on Tuesday January 26th, at the “chalet” in the back of the school yard at 8:15pm.

We will discussed about:

  •  the lunchtime and the different places where the children will be placed
  • the rythm of the school
  • the school trips
  • the area surrounding the school (safety…)
  • extracurricular time (“périscolaire”)
  • and any other subject linked to the school.

There will be a conference about harassment and bullying organized by ALPE during week number 5 (first week of February). A professionnal psychologist will present.

We need volunteers to help us to prepare the room before the presentation. We will talk about it on the 26th.

If you can’t come on this Tuesday, you can send some of your questions by email. We hope many of you will be able to participate and we look forward to sharing our thoughts !